Conférences et jugements

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Conferences and judging

I'm giving conferences and workshops on nature photography in photo clubs of the Montreal area, and also offer individual coaching sessions. I also act as a guest judge for photography contests and judgments. Please use the Contact section to communicate with me on these matters.

The following conferences are available:

- “The challenges of landscape photography - Oregon''
- “Travel photography: how to maximise your time''
- “How to compose your landscape images?’’ (workshop also available)
- “Macro: how to achieve impact with your images’’ (workshop also available)
- “Yellowstone and Grand Teton: how to make the most of it’’
- “Waterfalls and cascades: how to get the most of these wonders’’ (workshop also available)
- “What’s your color? How to stimulate your creativity in Nature Photography’’
- “Fill Flash in Nature Photography: the Costa Rica example’’